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This family is very poor. There are four members in the family and they have no land for cultivation. The father earns a livelihood by collecting fish from rivers and selling them in the market. The rivers, canals and ponds have become dry so he collects only a small number of fish to sell. It is not possible for him to pay for his child's school expenses. The income earned is not sufficient to purchase their daily food and other commodities, so they live from hand to mouth. The children are very interested to attend school but due to poverty they cannot. Now, Anjoli has the opportunity to study at our International Needs Slum School. She and her parents are very grateful to IN ministry.

Anjoli likes to play with dolls. She helps her mother to clean the house and wash her clothes. She also likes to play with friends. Christian religion class is her favourite subject at the new school.
Anjoli's family live in the southwest part of Bangladesh in Patuakhali District. Her home is 450 kms away from Savar Children’s Village. They live in a hut made of bamboo, wood, jute sticks and iron sheets. They have access to drinkable water from their local fountain.

School - Grade Two

  • Bangladesh Country

  • 8 Years Old Current Age

  • Dec 2011 Birthday

Gender: Female


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You can sponsor Anjoli today, and provide hope for a brighter future for only $45 per month.