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Both the parents of the child are tenant peasants. They are poor people. Since their income is not sufficient, it is difficult for them to give better education to their children. They are in dire need of support.
Father - Sudas Bishwakarma - Tenant peasant
Mother - Kamala Bishwakarma - Tenant peasant
Guardian - Resham Rokka - Community worker
Brothers – One, 18 years old studying in Grade 12; Sisters - None

Karishma likes to read books, sing and dance. She helps her mother with housework. Her favourite subject is English. They live in a simple house in Dhungana Beshi, Panchkhal, Kavre. Her school is nearby.
Drinking water is scarce.
School - Grade 2

  • Nepal Country

  • 9 Years Old Current Age

  • Feb 2011 Birthday

Gender: Female


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