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Prema's family don’t have any land they can cultivate, and her father's income is not enough to support their family of five.

Prema & her parents are very grateful she has the opportunity to stay at IN Savar Children village and receive food, education, clothes and shelter.

She loves to dance and her favourite subject at school is religious education.
Prema's family lives in Northern part of Bangladesh in Sirajgang district. Her home is 650 km away from Savar children village.

Prema's family lives in a hut. The hut is made of bamboo, wood, and dry leaves. They have access to drinkable water from their local tub-well

Grade - Nursery

  • Bangladesh Country

  • 10 Years Old Current Age

  • Dec 2009 Birthday

Gender: Female


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You can sponsor Prema today, and provide hope for a brighter future for only $45 per month.