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Puja Mala

Puja Mala and her family live in a hut in the village of Puthia, Northern Bangladesh. She lives with relatives. Mala has one sister. Puja Mala’s parents are labourers. Due to the lack of proper food and nutrition, they are suffering from malnutrition and related diseases. Due to extreme poverty, the children of this area have not been able to attend primary school education. They are usually forced to get married at early ages. Puja likes to play with dolls, she’s helpful to her friends.
Puja Mala is excited at the opportunity to stay at the International Needs Savar Children’s village with your help, to receive an education, regular nutritious meals and safe shelter. She will be in Grade 1 once she starts school.
Would you please consider supporting and investing into Puja Mala’s life? To give Puja Mala the opportunity to attend school, getting access to healthcare and hearing the love changing message of Jesus Christ.

  • Bangladesh Country

  • 8 Years Old Current Age

  • Feb 2012 Birthday

Gender: Female


Sponsor Puja Mala

You can sponsor Puja Mala today, and provide hope for a brighter future for only $45 per month.