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Rhialyn is the youngest of 7 children. She has 5 brothers and 1 sister ranging in age from 22 to 9. The Income of her father is minimal. Educationally they really struggle. Her two older siblings reached a low level of schooling because of financial difficulty and the other one just started her study at a late age. Rhialyn's mother dreamt of seeing her children in school or at least 1 of them may reach college, & finish. Rhialyn displayed an interest to go to school. She also helps at home and though a bit shy, she can communicate her thoughts. If Rhialyn can be sponsored, it could really be a help to the whole family and a huge hope of a good future for them. Her parents are willing to support her studies along with the help that they may receive. Rhialyn loves coloring and drawing.

  • Philippines Country

  • 5 Years Old Current Age

  • Jan 2014 Birthday

Gender: Female


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You can sponsor Rhialyn today, and provide hope for a brighter future for only $45 per month.