Alexis lives with his family in a rural community. His father is a factory worker, but since Covid-19 hit, he has struggled to get any consistent work. His mother tutors as much as she can. Life is a daily struggle for Alexis’s family, as they are having to provide for an older brother and a younger sister as well.
Alexis is responsible for helping look after his younger sister (1 year old) and sweeping the floor every day.
School is a half hour walk away. He is currently in Grade 2 and his favourite subject is English. He wants to be a doctor one day.
Would you please consider supporting and investing into Alexis’s life? It would be wonderful if you would give him the chance to continue attending school, getting access to healthcare, and providing support to his family unit.

  • Philippines Country

  • 8 Years Old Current Age

  • Jan 2013 Birthday

Gender: Male


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