Impact of Christmas Letters

Greetings from New Zealand

This Christmas, a new tool was added to the Sponsorship package with the production of a "Greetings from New Zealand" letter template made available to all sponsors. Thank you to all those who took advantage of the template to write lovely letters to your sponsored children. Some of you placed a cross on the map to show where you live; some dressed up the kiwi and added other "kiwis" to represent family members; some copied photos onto the page; some drew other kiwi symbols and gave cultural lessons...
Thank you for your creativity! And more than anything else, the children loved hearing from you and are appreciating developing a more meaningful relationship. Here are some responses:

Greetings and Happy New Year.

Kenina was extremely excited to receive her letter from the sponsors. She has responded back with a letter so kindly forward it and plus do include our greetings to them too.

In His Service
Prasanna & Arpana
(Sana Diyo, India)

I was very happy to receive your letter after such a long time.

Thank you so much for being there for me and thinking of me. Your love is always special to me.

I also wish you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed year to you and your loved ones.

Warmest Greetings from Nepal, sincerely, thank you.

Thank you for sending Rachana's message. Yes, we will give it out to her, Mr. Pranesh Sir will lead it. Thank you.

IN Nepal did some research on how the sponsorship support is assisting families and here are some stories of the impact.
Ambita's mother said that: "This support has been very helpful to my family. During the time of COVID when everything was in lockdown, and I lost my job, Ambita's support never ceased and it was huge support for us to continue her education even in that time of crisis. Thank you very much for assisting us even in those difficult times."

Ashma said "Due to the continuous support from my sponsors today I could continue my bachelor's studies. It is because of your love and contribution I could continue my higher education which has added huge value to my life. For this opportunity I want to thank my sponsors, and IN family".