Young Women in Nepal Eager to Learn

21 ladies in Nepal are training to support their families and take what they learn back to their rural communities

IN Nepal recently welcomed a new group of 21 ladies all excited to begin their education adventure at the Lydia Vocational Training Center!

Lydia coordinator Kalpana Tamang shares about the new group of ladies, “From inside they are strong in faith and sober and manner. They live in harmony with each other, pray, and take care of each other when needed.”

The new group of young ladies wasted no time in getting involved and giving back to the community.

A particular highlight was the opportunity to leave the center and visit various churches around the communities. They were excited to have this new experience and were surprised and blessed by the visits.

Some ladies became involved in women’s fellowship, some in youth fellowship, and others helped to lead worship services. Upon returning from their visits, they were even more excited to learn and be trained in local church leadership. Students are excited to go back to their churches to help lead worship, teach Sunday school and serve in any way possible after they graduate.

Several were particularly excited to engage in children’s ministry, which was a particular blessing expressed by Kalpana. “Children are the future…I’m so happy that there are young women who have a heart for the children!”

Please pray for this new learning adventure for 21 young ladies in Nepal!