International Needs NZ

Inspired by the love that is found through Jesus Christ, International Needs is a worldwide mission supporting agency that supports local nationals in spreading God’s love and message of salvation to the world. We are a Christian organisation that aims to help people in the world who are in the greatest need, regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality.

For over 45 years International Needs has grown to develop partnerships in Africa, Asia, Australia, The Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

By partnering with local nationals, who identify the places of greatest need, International Needs New Zealand unites people across the world, to change lives and transform communities with God’s love.


International Needs Humanitarian Aid Trust

For over 45 years, International Needs has helped many families and communities see transformation. Working with our lead partners in over 40 countries across the globe, International Needs Humanitarian Aid Trust aims to provide support to a number of locally lead initiatives. We value and appreciate that each country has its own unique challenges and priorities, the programs and projects vary partner to partner. We are proud to connect New Zealanders with these locals in supporting them through initiatives like child sponsorship programs, community development, gender and economic empowerment, healthcare, education, vocational skills training, clean water projects and helping in construction of community buildings.

What We Do

We empower leaders in their own countries to fulfill community needs within five service areas:

International Needs reaches out through local leaders to make an impact in:

21 Countries
300,000 People

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Current Efforts

Emergency appeal for Tonga tsunami assistance

Tsunami has left many without food, shelter, power or drinking water - lets get behind the people of Tonga and help them rebuild their lives!

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Goal: $50,000