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Christmas Appeal - World of Joy

You can be the reason that someone smiles today. This Christmas when you purchase one (or more) of the gifts, you are making a life changing difference to families in real need. You can be the reason that someone smiles this Christmas. It is quite simple really. These gifts represent the ACTUAL needs of some of the communities that International Needs works with. All donations are pooled together to make sure your gift is used in a way that has the biggest impact.

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Mosquito Nets

Burkino Faso & Bangladesh

Dengue fever is real and widespread in areas of Burkina Faso & Bangladesh. This year we have seen and heard of thousands affected by this mosquito borne disease. Would you help to provide a gift of a mosquito net to protect those most vulnerable?

Women's Hygiene Packs


Women's hygiene products are a a necessity in all countries however for women in rural Nepal access to these hygiene products is limited. Help give a gift of women's hygiene pack this Christmas to women in rural Nepal.

Food Parcels


Let's bring joy in providing food parcels this Christmas to the families of our sponsor children. Through your help we sponsor hundreds of children in the Philippines. Can you help provide a healthy and nutritious meal this festive season?

School Uniforms

Ghana & Bangladesh

Make a child in Ghana or Bangladesh proud to go to school next year by gifting them a new school uniform. For only $50 you can make a long lasting contribution to their school year.

Back to school kit

North India

Help us kick start the school year in Northern India by providing essential resources for children's education. Each pack contains resources to see the children through the year.

Buy a goat


Give a valuable gift of a goat this Christmas, helping to provide a Ugandan family with a much needed source of nutrition and protein.

Playground Equipment


Put a smile on a child's face this Christmas in giving a gift of playground equipment. Play is important in every child's development and education. Help equip our International Needs daycare in Suva, Fiji with much needed playground equipment.

Warm Clothes and Blankets

Eygpt and Turkey

As temperatures drop dramatically this winter in Egypt & Turkey let's provide warm clothes and blankets for refugees living there this Christmas.

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