Founder's Fund

The legacy of International Needs is to transform lives and change communities in the developing world.   This can easily be achieved, however without knowing the gospel or hearing the word of God, this transformation is short lived. 

International Needs not only aims to provide aid and development to the world but stands on its foundation to spread the Gospel to the many unreached people groups where we operate.

The Founder’s Fund has been created to do just that.  To provide support and financial assistance to local church planters, evangelists, and community workers to bring the gospel to these unreached people.

By creating a legacy fund, we will aim to not only use funds given for the here and now, but also aim to build a lasting endowment investment that will provide financial assistance to the work we do in our partner countries.  The aim is to allow those who know of and support International Needs to leave a lasting endowment legacy gift as part of their estate.

Your gift, large or small, can have a lasting impact well beyond our lifetime and make a transformational difference in the lives and communities of those International Needs serves for future generations.


Leaving a gift in your will to International Needs can take various forms depending on your preference and situation. Talk to your lawyer about the type of gift that will best suit you and your estate.  A gift in your will may be:


A gift of a portion of, or the total remainder of your estate after all other bequest and financial commitments have been honoured. This ensures your loved ones are taken care of, whilst ensuring your future gift to charities of your choice.     

Percentage or fractional

A gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of the value of your estate.

Pecuniary or Specific

Pecuniary gift: A specific sum of money designated in your will. Given as a lump sum, it is important to specify this amount in your will.
Specific gift: Specific items are gifted, such as the proceeds of a life insurance policy, shares, homes, art works and more.

Whole Estate

This comprises your entire estate and is usually left by those without dependents or by those wanting to achieve something very significant.

Note: International Needs New Zealand’s legal name is International Needs New Zealand.

Thank You

Some of us are not able to give as often during our lives as we might like.  A gift in your will for the International Needs Founder’s Fund will help to transform lives and change communities with the spread of the Gospel and God’s word. 

Whoever you are, whatever your situation, you can help make a difference to our world and those that do not know the life changing relationship that can be found in Christ Jesus.   

Thank you for considering to leave a gift of a lifetime to International Needs New Zealand Founder’s Fund and helping our partners to transform the lives of the most forgotten people in the world.

What a beautiful way to be remembered!

If you have any questions or would like any more information please email Shaun –