Allahabad Vocational Training Centre

The vocational training centre in Allahabad teaches 250 girls each year tailoring and stitch craft five days a week.

The vocational training centre in Allahabad teaches 250 girls each year, skills such as tailoring and stitch craft five days a week. It also helps to educate young women in basic literacy and provides much needed medical intervention and prevention care.
In the rural areas in the state of Uttar Pradesh girls and women face many inequalities and disadvantages. These are extremely poor communities where men and women are still considered to be unequal. Outside the family home men and women are socially segregated. Dowries are still paid, even though this is now illegal. Women are not permitted to take their husbands’ name and they have little decision-making abilities within their own families. There is a poor rate of literacy in these villages, especially for girls and women. Many girls by the time they are 10-12 years old do not go to school but sit at home and help their mothers with domestic chores. Women often work both in the home and on the farm, and it is not uncommon for them to be the sole wage earners, while their husbands are unemployed. There is also a high level of violence against women.

A place where they are often marginalized in the patriarchal social traditions of these villages. The vocational training helps to empower these girls and women to overcome barriers enabling them for a better future.

Can you help break down the cultural and economic barriers faced by girls and women in Uttar Pradesh, India. Your gift will enable these girls and women to participate in the training and help with the overall costs to run and facilitate the centre.

Project Goal = 33,400
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BNZ Tauranga Branch, account number 02-0432-0234652-000. Reference: "Allahabad"

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