Ark Quest

This school was God's idea

In 2008, Calvine Ominde started a feeding program for 8 children in his village. Within 3 years, this venture developed into a school. Currently, Ark Quest Education Centre provides education and two meals per day for over 100 students. It is a private Christian school and, though registered with the Kenyan Ministry of Education, receives no government funding. Many students cannot afford the fees and therefore supporting these students through the INCAP program, will help to ensure these children receive a quality education and that the operational expenses of the school are being met.

Over the past three years International Needs and Ark Quest Trust have developed a special and unique relationship to partner together in transforming the lives of children in Western Kenya. Ark Quest Trust was started with the intention of building a school to serve the surrounding community, not only in education, but also through other activities that would see transformation for the entire community through an agricultural program, weaving and other initiatives.
Kenya, like many nations around the world, is facing the soaring cost of living. Despite increasing inflation, rapidly rising food and building costs, we have seen God provide finances from several unexpected sources in response to the desperate need and many prayers. A heart-warming result has been that the lives of many in the community have been impacted.

Ark Quest Education Centre has an urgent need for more permanent classrooms, as the original school, built from eucalyptus poles and mud bricks is rapidly disintegrating, and some of the original classrooms are no longer useable. The first 3 permanent concrete brick classrooms have been completed and Phase 2 of construction, of a further 3 classrooms, is well under way. Building costs are constantly rising in Kenya, and the team would like to finalise the school classrooms so that they can be used in the new year, but also to reduce the risk of building materials continuing to increase. We need to raise $60,000 to complete the classrooms. The long-term plan is to have 16 classrooms in the new school when it is complete, so further funds will need to be raised to complete the whole project.
If you have a heart for education and would like to contribute to help finish this school, please connect with us so we can see this dream fulfilled.
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BNZ Tauranga Branch, account number 02-0432-0234652-000. Reference: "arkquest"

Should you require a receipt please email our accountants department at and advise your full name, address, amount and date of donation. If possible please also advise your telephone number to enable us to contact you should we have difficulty in identifying your donation.

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