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Solo Mom's Project

The Solo Moms project aims to equip solo mom with the skills, resources and financial support to become financially and economically independent.

Solo Mom’s in the informal settlements of Fiji are often disadvantaged both socially and economically. Some have very low levels of education achievement and low skill levels and cannot compete in the job market. Whilst some solo-mothers receive allowances from a former partner this is typically very inconsistent and cannot be relied upon to make a living (when paid, this amounts to only NZD $14 or FJD $20 per child per week). Most solo-mothers and their children are forced to stay with relatives due to their limited incomes, placing an economic burden on their relatives. Some effectively become servants of the relative’s family, and are viewed as having spoiled their opportunity. Solo-mothers who live in the informal settlements do not have the advantage of a village social structure, and can end up particularly isolated and socially stigmatised. Their economic dependence makes their children less likely to receive quality education, particularly in their early childhood. These children can end up facing a lifetime of disadvantage (many of Suva’s street children report dysfunctional or solo-parent family backgrounds).

The Solo Mom’s project enables twenty solo moms from informal slum settlements in Suva, Fiji to participate in a 20-week vocational training programme. The solo mom’s learn various skills in cooking, sewing, baking, housekeeping, screen printing and jewellery making. The women also participate in parenting, self-care and sexual health classes.
The Solo Moms project aims to equip solo mom with the skills, resources and financial support to become financially and economically independent.
On graduation each woman is given the necessary resources, support and a low interest micro loan to start their own business.
International Needs Fiji facilitates a day-care to look after the children of the solo moms and each child is given daily nutritious meals.

Could you help to provide the necessary training, support and resources to equip these women to become financially independent. You can help to give a solo mom in Fiji a new prosperous and stable future.
Project Goal is $26,700.
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