My name is Kong Sophanith and I am 24 years old. I am living with my family. I have 3 sisters and I am the only son in this family. My family used to be so poor that my sister and my mother used to walk around the house collecting valuable trash to give us money for daily life. My dad was a motorcycle taxi-driver.
My family used to face a lot of shortages because we lived in a rental house. We had to earn money to pay for the rent every month, and support 4 children to go to school. I didn't know how to help because I was too young to find a job. One day, a teacher who worked for Flame came to our house. He asked me if I wanted to study and signed me up for the Flame programme to study with other students. I really loved studying in Flame as I learnt more at Flame than in school.
I learnt lots with Flame until I graduated from 12th grade. The experiences and the confidence I gained enabled me to find a job. My sisters now also have a job. My family situation has improved. In summary, all I have today is because Flame helped to support me and always encouraged me to continue in my study. I am now studying Graphic Design at Setec University which has always been my dream subject to study.

Flame began in 2009, intending to meet the educational needs of the Cambodian community. High school seemed impossible for many children in poor urban communities, and University was never an option. However, with Flame, University is made accessible. Flame provides scholarships to enable impoverished young adults to become tertiary students. Flame offers support and care for children from beginning school until entering the workforce. They support the families along the way, helping them adjust and thrive as the children grow to their full potential.
Flame has seen more than 2000 people's lives changed, and the number is only increasing.

To sponsor a student through FLAME, a full scholarship is $270 a month or to sponsor a half scholarship is $135 a month.

  • Cambodia Country

  • 26 Years Old Current Age

  • Mar 1998 Birthday

Gender: Male

ID: flametertiar

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