My name is Pha Thida, I am one of three siblings. I have an older sister and a younger brother. When I was 4-5 years old, my father went out to sell ice cream. At first, he went to sell and returned home as normal. Later, the selling was not profitable because he was busy drinking with his friends, and he got drunk almost every day.
Every evening, when my father came home, he beat us. He even destroyed all our property, there was nothing left. Even the house title is still in the bank, as security against his debts. We lived in fear, every day we were running away from my father. My mother endured this situation for 2-3 years and then she decided to run away to Phnom Penh.
When we arrived in Phnom Penh, a place called Cambodian Women in Crisis Centre (CWCC) let my family and I live there. My sister and I went to school. My mother was a cleaner and rode her pushbike a long way in the hot sun. She never complained and sacrificed everything for us to have a good life. She did not remarry because she said she was afraid of her children being abused again.
I finally passed my 12th grade exam in 2019 and I am currently studying Sociology at the Royal University of Phnom Penh with the support of Flame. My big goal is to get a master’s degree. My dream is to buy a house, live with my mother and my family and let my mum live a simple life because I know she really wants that. Another big dream of mine is to help children with family problems who are not able to go to school or who are in school but struggling.

Flame began in 2009, intending to meet the educational needs of the Cambodian community. High school seemed impossible for many children in poor urban communities, and University was never an option. However, with Flame, University is made accessible. Flame provides scholarships to enable impoverished young adults to become tertiary students. Flame offers support and care for children from beginning school until entering the workforce. They support the families along the way, helping them adjust and thrive as the children grow to their full potential.
Flame has seen more than 2000 people's lives changed, and the number is only increasing.

To sponsor a student through FLAME for a full scholarship is $270 per month or to sponsor a half scholarship is $135 per month.

  • Cambodia Country

  • 21 Years Old Current Age

  • Nov 2002 Birthday

Gender: Female

ID: flametertiar

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