Arkquest children

Ark Quest Education Centre Children Sponsorship Appeal

Good morning great family. Kindly receive greetings from the entire team of Ark Quest Education Centre in Mahanga Village, Vihiga County of Kenya. We are forever grateful for always walking with us. Through your constant prayers and support, we have been able to make great strides in our student performance here at the village becoming amongst the top five schools out of a total of 400 schools. Our main purpose has been to positively transform the village community with accessible quality education with an aim of raising competitive students that will be able to solve the needs of our dynamic world with the Love of Christ.

Growing up at the village with lack of basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing, little access to education, poor sanitation, high unemployment rates and increased poverty are real challenges that our children go through daily. Our desire as Ark Quest Education Centre has always been to positively transform the children’s wellbeing both spiritually through the love of Christ and physically by offering them a home away from home. We strongly believe this will eventually make the World a better place. At Ark Quest, all of our children are introduced to daily devotions every morning. Our students are also daily offered breakfast and lunch at school, a few extremely needy cases are given dinner as well. This has really worked positively on our children’s wellbeing and improved their school performance. Note that most of the students that attend school here are extremely in need and this food offered at school is their only meal for the day. Not only have we been a blessing to the children (145 students at school), through your support, Ark Quest family has managed to transform the community around through provision of employment to a number of members of the community. Many lives are supported by the constant provision of source of income either through casual or permanent employment at school or on our farm in essence gradually improving the quality of life in the community. The school department alone has 26 employees comprising, 13 teachers, 2 cooks, a driver, cleaners and farm workers amongst others. The Ark Quest community is well served by a steady supply of clean water from a drilled borehole at school. This water is such a great blessing because it has reduced the strain that existed back in the day when the whole community depended on shallow springs of water (quite dirty with several waterborne diseases) that would also go dry during the dry season. This also stopped the laborious work by the children in an attempt to get water for use since they were expected to participate in water collection from these springs.

The reality is that many families are not able to support their children at school. We therefore have achieved all this great strides through generous gifts and sacrifices from well-wishers. The rise of Covid has made things a little tricky for us. The little support we would receive from parents is now gone. Many parents have lost their little sources of income and supporting the school in a small way is now a dream. We are now faced with an acute shortage of basic food to offer our children, lack basic stationery and textbooks for the children, and are now grappling with paying of salaries to our staff and maintenance of basic amenities because of limited resources. Many children are therefore at the brink of dropping out of school because we can no longer support all of them with the basics at Ark Quest. We therefore are reaching out on our beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord to kindly journey with us in causing a transformation to this little ones in our lowest moments. Our desire is to have many of this needy students supported or sponsored by any well-wisher out there. We definitely will appreciate if one, or two, or ten or fifty students are supported or sponsored. Whatever the least is done to this little ones, for sure causes great impact in furtherance of the gospel of Christ here at the village. The Lord richly bless you.

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