Kidron Ministry update for 2020

Covid-19 has had a small impact on our little island nation.

Whilst we have been in complete lockdown from the rest of the world, the ministry has been flourishing and growing rapidly throughout Bougainville.
Over the past few months, three new churches have been planted in the Buin District (South of the Island).
Two of the new fellowships are located in the remote areas of Makis constituency along the border of Siwai district and Buin district. They are:
- Pitakaro local Fellowship
- Mainika local Fellowship.
The 3rd church is called Luruwai local Fellowship - This fellowship is the latest one located in the remote areas of Kongnou constituency along the eastern border of South Bougainville and central Bougainville. This area was formerly under the control of Mekamoi rebels. However after years of prayer and working with these locals, God made a way and many of the rebels and locals are coming to know the Lord as their Lord and saviour through the work of this Fellowship.

The inland missions team responsible for helping to establish these new fellowships and breaking ground into these new areas, was comprised of Ps David Kaua (coordinator), Benjamin kipau, Israel, Joseph ,Nason and Minsipi. They all played such intricate roles in seeing the lives of our people come to know of the Lord.

Recently in Siwai district, our local churches and the youth workers have planted one new Fellowship in the Motuna Huyono constituency towards the Bana district
After the establishment of these new churches, our church planters are now embarking on establishing the Kidron Ministry into Papua New Guinea. Ps Israel, Ps Joseph, and PS Luke have gone to East New Britain - PNG. They are originally from East New Britain and are overjoyed to be reaching their own people for the Lord. They originally came to the Kidron Bible training centre last year and have completed their training into full time missionary work. They have been sent to East New Britain as a frontline team in preparation to launch the Kidron Papua New Guinea missions centre and work. We are planning to launch the new mission centre during the Kidron National conference which will be hosted from the 18th November to the 22nd November at the Kidron ministries centre in Siwai.
We are very excited that these three men have now started missions work in East New Britain and will continue to spread God’s word amongst the people of PNG.

We truly believe that supporting our local pastors to reach their own people, is the best and most effective way seeing lives being transformed and changed by the life changing message of Jesus Christ.
Thank you for all your support and we ask that you will continue to pray for us for the expansion of our ministry.

Sammy Marua “Kidron Ministries director”