A Life-Changing Reunion

How an encounter at the hospital led a whole family to Jesus Christ

One day, community worker Pabitra went to the hospital to visit a friend who just had a baby. While there, she ran into Deepak, an acquaintance from her village. “Have you come here to see someone?” Pabitra asked.

Deepak was overcome with emotion as he shared that his son Sandip had been vomiting blood. The reports were grim. Doctors said they couldn’t do anything for the young man.

“Please take me to your son,” Pabitra said. When she entered the room, Pabitra saw a young man who was covered in blood.

Pabitra looked at Deepak and said,“You know I am a Christian. Let me pray to the God I worship so He can heal your son.”

Deepak granted permission. “Do whatever you like, but please save my son.”

Pabitra laid her hands on Sandip and prayed over him. A short time later, he stopped vomiting and quietly shared, “I am feeling better and I don’t have much pain.”

The doctors were perplexed by this healing - they couldn’t explain it! The young man was discharged and his family returned home with grateful hearts. After this encounter, Deepak and his entire family accepted Christ as their Savior. They witnessed the great love of Christ and it forever changed them.

Thanks to people like you, Pabitra and other community workers in Nepal can meet people where they are and share the love of Jesus.