A Special Back to School Season

Backpacks filled with school supplies ended a celebration and provided an opportunity to share the gospel

Ror many families, the fall season means back to school and jumping back into routines. In Egypt, this year’s back to school season, thanks to IN Egypt, was much more exciting. Executive Director, Nathan Bassaly, provided a special surprise for the impoverished school children of Egypt.

Mid-August saw 200 Syrian and Sudanese refugees gather together with their children to receive school supplies, sing songs, and hear a very clear presentation of the Gospel. You might think these were Christian kids, but not so, Nathan explained it this way:

“Today was a big celebration, more than 200 Syrian and Sudanese refugee kids singing Christian songs and praying in the name of Jesus- all of them are Muslim- a very happy day for them!”

How exciting to envision 200 kids that have experienced nothing but war and heartache for so many years, and they get to enjoy a fun day of fellowship in the name of Jesus. They got to receive a tangible expression of love through receiving backpacks to enable them to go to school!

Nathan, however, was not finished there. A week later, he organized a second event pulling 350 kids from 24 different churches around Cairo. All of them the poorest and most impoverished children of the region. The smiling faces, the ability to laugh, sing songs, and to receive a backpack full of school supplies was more than these kids could have ever imagined.

We’re also excited to report that more than 50 children received Jesus Christ! While the backpacks may get well-worn and old, the relationship with Jesus will do nothing but grow more and more vibrant. Because of you, this was all possible!