A Dream Becoming True

Chhoun is an example of the life change that a Flame scholarship can provide.

Chhoun is an example of the life change that a Flame scholarship can provide. She grew up, with her family renting a small house near the market until her father was beaten up and an older relative gave them a piece of land to live on. There they built a very, very small house with nothing inside, and they were unable to sleep in the house when it rained. Chhoun had a very small place to sleep and if she sat up, she would hit her head. Two years later, the relative that provided them with the land forced her and her family to leave because other people were telling the relative that Chhoun's family would steal her land.

The family had no money to build a house or buy land and so they borrowed some from her Aunty. Due to the lack of income, the family couldn't afford to hire a labourer, so she and her siblings had to help build the house. This house didn't have doors, windows, or a roof.

Chhoun's dad became sick and needed medicine every day & was unable to work. Before he became sick, he was the main source of income for this family which meant that now her mum was relied upon to be the sole source of income by selling peanuts.

When Chhoun was 15 she began to know Jesus and she asked God to help them so they could have their land and their own house. She passed 12 grade and her mother said she was able to go to Phnom Penh to study, but her father said she couldn't because he needed her to work to support the family.

One day a pastor told her about a place where she could apply to live and study, but she didn't know where or how to apply. Unfortunately, she missed the deadline and she felt hopeless. She asked God to show her the way and after that, she heard about Flame. She applied and was accepted. Today Chhoun is studying Chinese and English at the University of Cambodia. He goal is to get a good job so she can financially support her family to pay back the loan and build a better house. Her dream is to help children like her, to see them study and she wants her family to also become Christian.