Sri Lanka

An Impact Story from Sri Lanka

Over recent times, Sri Lanka has been engulfed in civil unrest due to rising inflation and incompetency by government authorities. Many people are facing extraordinary hardships and suffering through no fault of their own.

Pastor Kannagalingam, in the Northern region of Sri Lanka, has an established fishing business and is doing well. Whilst working in his local community, he identifies a family who was severely impacted by the civil war many years ago.

Both the father and mother had been injured, leaving them with severe injuries and visually impaired. They also have three children under 12 years of age.

Their sole source of income was by illegally felling trees and selling the firewood. The family barely made ends meet and could not afford for the children to attend school.

They have now been assisted by IN Sri Lanka and have been provided with funds to start their own poultry farm, whereby they can now have confidence that they can look after their children and be self-sufficient without the worry of injury or prosecution from local authorities.