Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Update

Story from Jean Kone – IN Burkina Faso Director

In Burkina Faso, there are approximately 70 to 80 ethnic groups. According to recent studies led by NGO AMI-CAPRO Burkina, less than 20 of them can be considered as being impacted or having access to any knowledge of Christianity.

Within Burkina Faso, no ethnic group has more than 50% Christians, which presents a great opportunity for our evangelists and church planters. The Gospel first arrived in Burkina Faso in 1921 and evangelization efforts have been steady since. This has mainly been seen in the Mosse, the Gourmatche, the Lobi, the Bwaba tribes and people groups.

Although a few small number of people have been touched by the Gospel, the great majority of these nations remain unaffected.
International Needs Burkina is located in the West of Burkina Faso and in this part includes the Cascades region, the Mouhoun loop region, the Hauts-Bassins, the Center-West and the South-West. According to studies exactly 36 ethnic groups are declared unreached by the gospel. IN Burkina Faso is making inroads to reach these people with the Gospel message and they are seeing many come to the Lord.
However they need our help!
Currently they have a team of about 30 with two senior evangelists, who can see the magnitude of this tasks. They are needing help for resources and equipment like Bibles, Audio tracts, bicycles, motorbikes etc.. in order to further reach and impact these tribes.
Of the nine tribes IN Burkina Faso work with, there is an estimated population of 1-2million. They aim to engage and reach at last 500,000 of these people each year and believing for God to impact the vast majority of them.

In a nation that is currently feeling the pressures of famine, war and extremism from Islamic terrorists, they need your support!
Would you consider supporting Jean and his team to reach his own people for Jesus.