Clean Water for the First Time

How people like YOU helped transform a village in Ghana

Kuve and Torve are two communities benefiting from the education and health work of IN Ghana. Jeff Johnson, INUSA president, visited these committees recently. Jeff shares,

“I’ve traveled to many areas of Africa in my career, seen hundreds of schools…what I saw at Kuve was amazing. Organized, developed, quality education, even a computer lab! It was obvious they didn’t just build a school building, I saw an education system at work. It was wonderful.

“Both communities benefited from an integrated water program as well. Water is vital to health and even life itself. Visiting with the community leader of Torve, this idea was given a personal touch.

“As the leader shared his thanks and perspective of the water project he shared this innocent yet powerful anecdote. ‘Now [after the water project] the children no longer have blood in their urine.’

“Perspective is a powerful thing. Water is life and health and this one impression puts that idea into laser-like focus.”

As we celebrate with Kuve and Torve, we want to say a special thank you to you. Thank you for your partnership in ministry, which makes celebrations like this possible! You truly are making a difference for people around the world