Covid Relief

We praise God for what they have also been able to achieve during this time.

“We, the poor, are immune from the coronavirus” was a quote from a governor in Mexico at the start of the pandemic. As time has now taught us, he couldn’t have been more wrong. This virus has affected the poor disproportionality more than the wealthy.

We have seen countless times on the news the devastation that Covid-19 has had on our world.
Many lives have been lost, millions of people being displaced, children forced into early childhood marriage or work; the list goes on.
However, we have also seen more than just glimmers of hope… we have seen Christ’s hands and feet working tirelessly amongst the ‘least of these’ to bring about transformation and change alongside hope that is found in knowing Jesus.
It was tough to share the news of our friends and the situations that they faced. Many of our partners lost loved ones or staff members, and the impact was felt deeply within their communities and even here in New Zealand. However, we praise God for what they have also been able to achieve during this time.

India – Over the last four months, more than 4,000 families were fed through providing emergency food hampers and providing much needed medical supplies to help those who were in need, suffering and recovering from the impacts of Covid-19. Our friends in India are still working closely with the local communities to ensure food, shelter and protective equipment is provided to those in need.

Uganda – Whilst Covid-19 closed many schools throughout the country, Justus and his team managed to help a number of students continue their studies with online learning and by providing workbooks for other students to take home and continue their studies where they live.

Fiji – Covid-19 has decimated the island nation of Fiji. Many Fijians have felt the effects in some way, whether it be through loss of life, income, or livelihood. Not a single person came away without some form of impact. Tomu and his team partnered not only with International Needs New Zealand, but also the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT), the French Embassy, Tourism Fiji, and other businesses to provide much needed aid and support to those in need. They fed many families with food aid and provided temporary shelters to those in need. Whilst the Solo Mums' program has been delayed, this has not stopped the team from making a difference in their local community.

Bangladesh & Nepal – Both capital cities of these nations have been in and out of lockdowns throughout the year which has had devastating effects on the people who rely on day to day living. Many families continue to suffer and feel the effects of these lockdowns which have forced many back to the rural villages. To prevent ongoing social issues that this may bring, our partners at International Needs Nepal & Bangladesh, have been working with local communities to develop sustainable livelihood programmes such as vegetable growing and goat farming. Helping many families to grow their own food has been instrumental in making changes in these remote rural communities.

Philippines –Through the working of the 18 church planters, many families were helped with food aid and support over the last few months. Covid-19 has ravaged the Philippines and the main city of Manilla is in and out of lockdowns, having major effects on those trying to earn a living. Not only were families fed, but many children in rural villages were able to continue their studies online through the generosity of New Zealanders in providing Wi-Fi extenders and smart devices so that they can stay connected and not fall behind.

We still believe education is the best way to bring people out of poverty. Education, coupled with tools and resources to give people a hand up, not a handout, will see many lives being transformed and changed for the better.

An ongoing crisis you can continue to help our partners around the world rebuild by donating here