Czech Republic

Healthy Youth Programme

Right now, over 30 workers are serving on the team, and more are needed.

Through the ministry of INNZ, the Czech Republic has been supported for many years to bring about transformation to its people through the Gospel message of Jesus. The Czech Republic has a difficult history, with the effects of communism lingering in the hearts and minds of generations. As a result, a generation of young people is growing up disillusioned and apathetic. International Needs Czech Republic is focused on helping the country's youth find hope in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.

Through the Healthy Youth programme, IN workers go into public school classrooms and share about topics such as gender issues, abortion and pregnancy, class behaviour, and cyber bullying. These classroom presentations open the door for conversations about Jesus. Because of support from people like you, the Healthy Youth workers reach over 65,000 students each year through school-based interventions and this number is growing.

Right now, over 30 workers are serving on the team, and more are needed. Our partners are needing to employ four more workers before the school term begins. It is incredible to see the need for such a great programme and how engaged the youth in the Czech Republic are. Why not get involved? If you are passionate about youth and seeing them fulfilled through this programme, let us know.