Maisha hopes to be a nurse

Because of International Needs, Maisha has a second chance for an education

Maisha and her family live in the dirty slums of Dhaka. Her parents have a very small income and struggle to provide for their family. They face a lot of hardships every day. Maisha was forced to leave school and find work so that her family could survive. She currently cares for other people in their homes. COVID19 was very harmful to Maisha’s family and community, and many people could not afford more than one meal every day. International Needs was there during the community’s darkest days, providing life-saving food and resources to struggling families. Because of International Needs, Maisha has a second chance for an education. She has the chance to attend classes at the International Needs Drop-In Centre before and after work, and she is learning many things.
Maisha is aware of the hardships surrounding her family and community. She can see poverty taking away the skills and talents of the people around her, and she wants to do something to help. One day, Maisha hopes to be a nurse so that she can help struggling people. She knows the importance of good health and hopes to give vulnerable people a chance to escape from poverty. Thanks to the generous support of International Needs and donors, Maisha has been given the opportunity to work towards this future. One day she will be able to help people who need it, the same way that International Needs has helped her.