Burkina Faso

Providing a lifeline for families

The clinics offer a range of essential medical services

It is hard to fathom the personal tragedy of having to choose between buying food and life-saving medicine for your child. It is harder still to grasp the vast scale of how many families must face this dilemma, year after year.

According to the World Health Organisation, half of the world’s population are still unable to readily access essential health services. For up to 100 million people, the cost of basic healthcare puts their family at material risk of being pushed into extreme poverty.

Two of the medical centres we support in Uganda and Burkina Faso provide a wide range of affordable health care services. These centres protect lives but also give hope for the future.
They provide a lifeline for families, so they no longer must choose between life-saving medicine or food and instead receive treatment that enables people to stay at work and earn a living.

The team at International Needs St Ophel Medical Centre in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, and International Needs Makonge Community Health Centre in Kiyindi, Uganda, work tirelessly to tackle this dilemma and help families gain access to adequate and lifesaving medical care.
Dieudonne, the Director of International Needs Burkina Faso, shares that “the Health Programme at the Medical Centre is helping the government of Burkina Faso to provide a better quality of care to the vulnerable population, and this is possible thanks to your donations and multiform support.
May God bless you!”

Both these clinics have not only been crucial in the recent fight against COVID-19 but also other life-threatening viruses and illnesses such as malaria and typhoid. Malaria continues to be a very common illness in patients treated. The clinics offer a range of essential medical services including maternity services where women receive follow-up care during pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth.

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