Miracle Upon Miracle

How a girl was pulled lifeless from a lake and it changed her whole community

It was an ordinary day for seven year-old Thuy, but in a matter of seconds, everything changed.

Thuy accidentally fell into a lake. Her family found her after an hour of frantic searching. They pulled her from the lake, lifeless.

Thuy’s family rushed her to the children’s hospital in Ho Chi Minh city, knowing the doctors were the best around. The doctors said there was nothing they could do. “Only God can save her,” they said.

A small group of IN community workers happened to be visiting the children’s hospital when Thuy’s family received this devastating news. The workers shared about God’s love and his healing powers. Thuy’s family put their hope in the Lord.

During the next week, God miraculously worked on Thuy’s body. Just a week after the doctors said nothing could save her, Thuy was sitting up and reading a children’s Bible! The community workers visited Thuy’s home town once she was healed. Many relatives joined in on this celebratory reunion.

The community workers shared about God with the whole family.

On that day, 15 of Thuy’s family members received Jesus Christ as their Savior! Not only was Thuy miraculously healed, but many men, women, boys, and girls accepted Christ because of this extraordinary event.

Because of people like you, community workers in Vietnam are able to step into hard situations and share the love of Christ. They meet with the sick, pray with the hurting, and share the gospel in every opportunity.