Now She is Helping Others

Thanks to a sponsor like you, a young woman is able to help children nobody else can help

Gertrude is a young woman with a gift for reaching hard-to-reach kids.

And someone like you helped prepare Gertrude for this moment.

You see, a child sponsor like you helped Gertrude get an education and learn about Jesus Christ. Now as an adult, Gertrude has just the right skills and the passion to help other children.

Today, Gertrude teaches Economics and Geography at one of the most prestigious schools in Uganda. Her fellow teachers are in awe of her ability to reach children none of the other teachers can reach.

Some of Gertrude’s ability to reach difficult children is due to the life skills training she went through when she was a sponsored child. Another part is Gertrude allowing the Lord to work through her in a special way.

Recently, Gertrude had a discussion with the first lady of Uganda.

You see, Gertrude knew of nine girls who had earned their way into university. But these girls lost their ability to pay tuition due to the pandemic. She saw her moment with the first lady as an opportunity to advocate for these nine girls.

Today, these nine girls are attending university through tuition support resulting from this meeting.

Gertrude is a special person. She worked hard to study and learn. She is making a huge difference for children at her school. But it all started with someone like you saying “yes” to sponsoring Gertrude when she was a child.

Someone believed in her enough to support her education. Someone cared enough to make sure she learned about Jesus Christ.
And now Gertrude is sharing that gift with other children. That’s the impact child sponsorship can have.

Thank you for praying for children in the sponsorship program! May they experience Jesus Christ in a special way this summer.