The Power of a Dream

How one girl encountered Christ right where she was at in the Bangladesh orphanage

Sraboni was born to a single mom whose husband died shortly before her birth. Sraboni lost her mom and extended family at the age of nine in a bus accident and so she went to live at the International Needs Savar Children’s Village.

One day at the orphanage, Sraboni had a dream where Jesus spoke to her and said “today is not a day for forgiveness only, but also for your well-being.” Sraboni didn’t know what that meant but her heart “was bumping and pushing” her to accept Christ.

As a Hindu, this was a difficult proposition, but after a few months, Sraboni knew what to do. She knelt down and accepted Jesus as her Savior.

Today, Sraboni is studying for a certificate in Christian Ministry at Savar Bible School and is also learning New Testament survey. She hopes one day to take her training back to her home town and share about Jesus just as she experienced Jesus at Savar.

Thank you for praying for Sraboni and her future! May the Lord continue to reach others through her testimony!