Sharing Weaknesses, Strengthening Marriages

Through marriage workshops, couples work to strengthen their marriages and the church

The church planters, youth workers and staff of IN Slovakia take seriously the great commission to go and make disciples. They are actively involved in various programs to promote spiritual growth. This past season saw a particularly focused intervention centered on strengthening marriages. Through weekend retreats and workshops, hundreds of individuals were able to focus on their marriages.

One of the participants, who is a trainer and teacher for managers in a business world, expressed that it was one of the best trainings in the area of relationships and coping of emotions.

Ester Jankovicova, an IN Slovakia church planter, considers this as God's miracle. Ester shares, “I know it is the godly principles for relationships, the sharing of my weaknesses, and God's story with His power in them that makes it so powerful. God has been faithful and His power and strength is visible in our weaknesses, when we are open.”

In one of Ester’s workshops, six couples were working on exercises, talking through things, and tackling significant communication issues and saw wonderful healing and reconciliation in their marriage. Ester recently remarked, “The workshop made them very responsive. This was one of the best groups we had in marriage ministry in 13 years!”

Ester speaks to the fruit of these marriage encounters. “I do appreciate their hard work on their marriages and the good fruit is coming, even though there is a price they pay – their humbleness, vulnerability, hours of discussing their marriage, managing babysitters for their children. But they don't give up, and they want the best marriage God provides, for those who follow His principles.”

Strong marriages are a key ingredient to strong healthy churches. IN Slovakia has seen wonderful fruit of ministry doing just that. Thank you for making this possible with your support!