The Persecuted Church

Think about the last conversation you had with someone and try to remember if you said anything that might be construed as spreading the Gospel and notice how safe you felt saying that.

In a world where we can pick up our phone, or send an email, and contact anyone at any time, how would we feel if we suddenly couldn't? Not because of a lack of technology, but because of a real danger that what you say may put you in jail or worse.

Churches and Mission organisations like IN operate in countries like Egypt and Turkey where staff live with this danger hanging over their heads every day. They need to be smart and careful not to arouse suspicion while spreading the Gospel and making disciples. Much like a spy novel, the enemy may be listening and waiting ready to pounce on any information useful in stopping the love of Christ being shared.

Because of the dangers of open ministry our team come up with innovative ways of sharing the news about Jesus. IN Turkey shares the Good News online through social media and their website and, so far, over 20,000 people have been reached. The online harassment they receive has taught them to depend on God and show love, even when it hurts.

A prayer request from IN Turkey shows the difficulty and reality faced by every Christian in that country when they choose to follow Jesus. "Pray for the safety of those who have claimed to be Christians but are still afraid to make the claim in public for fear of rejection and harm from their family and friends."

The danger for Christians in Egypt is very similar. According to Open Doors, many of the Christians in Egypt are subjected to violence or persecution for their views. Tragically, those closest to them, family members, represent the largest threat to Christians in this country.

Even with the constant threat around them, International Needs Egypt continues to shine the light of Jesus on people in desperate need. Through showing practical love they have been able to greatly empower the community around them. One major focus is on helping refugees from neighbouring countries, such as Syria. IN Egypt regularly visits the Syrian Refugees who are new to the country and blesses them with food and financial aid.

Even though there are constant dangers in almost every aspect of their ministry, IN Egypt and Turkey continue to move forward faithfully sharing the Good News while being inventive and unique. God's love is transforming communities in hostile lands through your support.