Helping the people of Ukraine

God's love being shown everyday

Katya and her husband Nikolai, both in their 70s, are from Kyiv.

They wanted to share their testimony of healing and gratitude with you all:

"We are very grateful to everyone who financially gave us the opportunity to spend 3 months in this wonderful place - a paradise for us, in the convention centre. Here, through all the people, we saw a lot of God's love, we felt very good here, as in the arms of the Heavenly Pope. After all the horror that we experienced in Kiev, we had the opportunity to sleep peacefully in our beds, not dressed and not in bomb shelters, pray with others, eat well, study the Bible, heal ourselves internally.

My soul has found friends here, my soul has found peace and rest here!
My spirit saw here an example of ministers who served us 24/7..this example teaches me to give more than take... Here I managed to cast all my worries on God and trust Him...
Thanks to the clean mountain air and clean water, my health has been improved here - my asthma is completely gone...I can breathe here without an inhaler...Thanks to your service, God gives strength to live on, to serve.
We love. We appreciate. We pray. We bless! We believe that God will turn evil into good.
With love, Katya and Kolya Matsko."