Ukraine Update

Relief for refugees

Our IN partners in Romania and Slovakia are extending God’s love through immediate care and support. There is also a plan to possibly relocate an orphanage from South Kyiv to Romania.

Pavel Sinko, Executive Director on IN Slovakia writes:
“Right now, most refugees just need transportation from the border, rest, and refreshments. They stay for a night or two and require help with transportation to their destination in Slovakia or other parts of Europe. Most of them have relatives or friends somewhere. So far around 70,000 people have crossed the Slovak border. We and local churches are involved with other volunteers and humanitarian organisations ...but we are expecting many more refugees who will need to stay in Slovakia for longer...So, we, as IN Slovakia are looking for ways to help. In some areas it will be cooperation with local authorities and help with social and spiritual ministry. In some areas we will provide everything, including housing, food, social and spiritual ministry...We are also ready to open the Rackova Conference Centre for refugees...”

Indeed, there are now 50 families residing in the Rackova Centre; they each have their own room, bedding, and a safe place to stay.

Mirel Talpes, Executive Director of IN Romania writes:
“Our colleagues and staff go and cross the border into Ukraine with food, blankets, and warm clothes to offer women and children who wait more than 24 hours in the night cold to be processed. This is unsafe for them; they are freezing...[The next wave of refugees] will be mostly the poor from the South of Ukraine. As an example of our actions, together with our church planter, Florin Boruga, we work to identify and rent houses in three villages in Central Transylvania to accommodate refugees. In these villages, Florin Boruga and the other church planter from area, Cosmin Gabor, have also made ready centres where they have served food for the Roma community since 2019. When we bring refugees into these villages, these centres serve food for all families.”

The needs will continue long after the media fades. Please continue to pray for strength, courage, and resources for our IN partners.