Update from ArkQuest

Education Support bringing Smiles

A story and update from ArkQuest:
As the saying goes, education is an equalizer which is true indeed. The children brought together at Ark Quest have a quench for education no matter their family status. We thank God for giving us an opportunity to touch their lives in a very big way as we support them. The dedication from all the stakeholders, parents and guardians, teachers and children has been very encouraging. Despite the efforts, there are many other needy children and orphans in the community who need our support. It is our prayer that God will help us to reach out to more.

- The construction of new classrooms has started.
- Poultry houses have been repaired.
- Dairy shades have been repaired.
- The regular maintenance of the school van has been sorted and repaired.

Wycliffe Otuchi; Empowerment and Change:
Wycliffe has been a school guard for quite some time and has learnt the skills of saving for personal development. He has now constructed his own house out of his savings and we are glad to see such progress and development. As we support community transformation, we are encouraged to see staff taking personal initiatives of growth and development.

Thank you for your ongoing support in this project.