Czech Republic

"You Are Beautiful and Unique"

Recently a young girl approached me (Healthy Youth worker) looking tentative and fragile

Then I realized she was reacting to the part of the program where we talked about that every person is a unique, beautiful, and original and that no one in the world is like them that God made them loved them and thinks they are unique and beautiful.

‘Teacher, you said that everybody was beautiful but I am not, I am bad and ugly.’

I asked her why she thought so and she continued: ‘Mum was saying that I was a failed abortion.’

I lost my breath.

I had only few seconds to decide what to tell her about it. I took the hand of that little girl, looked into her eyes and from the depths of my heart I told her,

‘Don’t worry, you are beautiful and unique. We, people, make mistakes but here is somebody who does not. Few people believe in the Lord God, but I do. And I am sure that He wanted you and wished to have you very much. You are beautiful and unique in his eyes and he has a wonderful plan for you.’

Your support makes precious, life-changing conversations like this possible.

Thank you for the message of hope you are bringing to students in the Czech Republic. Your partnership is truly changing the lives of young Czech students, giving them hope and purpose.