Papua New Guinea

Transport to reach the lost

Support from people like you is the driving force of our ministry.

Pastor Tayo lives with his wife and five children in the village of Amomonta and pastors the Papua New Guinea Bible Church.

Here is his testimony of how receiving a motorbike has greatly impacted his ministry:
“I was just praying and wondering what I am going to do to further the gospel of Jesus Christ, and something that would enable me to reach the unreached people for Christ. But thanked God that He attentively responded on the need that I had some time ago by surprising me with a new motor bike.

A new motor bike brought a drastic impact on my pastoral ministry. It so far helped me cover a long distance that I would go. As a result of that, I could see that the places greatly influenced by satanic activities are starting to set up a fellowship, causing many people to Christ.

Finally, thank you very much for those involved in purchasing a new motor bike. May the good Lord continue to bless you.”

Support from people like you is the driving force of our ministry. With that support our community workers can spread the good news of Jesus Christ efficiently and extensively in some of the most remote and inaccessible areas of the world – So thank you!

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